Late last night, I updated some of the back-end software on the site (WordPress plugins), and since then, random pages of the comic (actually, random images all over the site) don’t seem to be showing up, at least, not in my browsers. It looks like the links are broken, and, being a pseudo-luddite, I can’t figure out how to repair them. Hopefully, it will either correct itself, or a new update will repair the problem.

So, if any of you are experiencing this… it’s not just you.

I’ll continue to try and fix it. (Oh, and maybe it should go without saying, but if anyone out there is a WordPress/Comics Easel guru, I’d sure appreciate some help!)

UPDATE: Thanks to the kind assistance of Philip M. Hofer, author of the Comic Easel plugin that I use on this site, the issue appears to have been resolved.


– Chris