Colors by Ian Sokoliwski.

It’s been kinda quiet around here of late – hopefully that means everyone’s enjoying what we’re doing. We’re in the home stretch now. In just a couple of months, we’ll be wrapping up this first adventure of Colonel Donovan Hawke of Terra on the lost planet of Xylos.

After that? Well, we honestly don’t know.

We have some very tentative plans; for one thing, we definitely intend to do a collected print edition of this first graphic novel… we just haven’t decided exactly on what form that will take yet.

We’ve also been discussing whether or not we’ll be continuing Perils On Planet X immediately, or if we’ll take a break. This comic has literally been years in the making, and it’s very time – and resource – consuming. Not to mention exhausting.

A lot depends on how much demand there is for more adventures… and that’s been a bit difficult to determine. Traffic numbers vary a lot from week-to-week, and only a few diehards post comments here on a regular basis. So, I guess what I’m saying, is that if you want us to keep going, sound off.

I’ll keep you posted on our comic plans – and some other things we’ve been thinking about – in the next few weeks.

– Chris