For almost a decade, I’ve been working on a space fantasy called Perils On Planet X. Initially appearing as a weekly webcomic at the long defunct, and drawn by Jon Plante, the project eventually evolved into comic book form, totally redrawn and expanded on by my talented partner-in-comics, Gene Gonzales. Now, it’s a webcomic again… but a print graphic novel edition lies in the near future.

Perils On Planet X is a swashbuckling adventure on a lost planet… join Colonel Donovan Hawke of Terra as he travels through time and space to the ancient emerald world of Xylos – home of vicious reptilian predators, ruthless strato-pirates, beautiful princesses, and innumerable fantastic dangers!

Perils On Planet X is high adventure on alien worlds – classic space opera in the Edgar Rice Burroughs and Alex Raymond traditions, revived for a new millennium!

The adventure begins on February 1st, 2013!

(And yes, we’re still working on the site features, but everything will be ready to go by the launch!)

– Chris