popx2_12XZWe’re closing in fast on the end of the first chapter of Perils On Planet X, “Captives Of The Corsair Queen,” which will conclude in mid-July. The second chapter of this first POPX graphic novel, “Flight Into Terror,” is currently scheduled to debut on August 2nd. Chapter Two will run for 28 weeks, with Chapter Three, “Blood Horde Of The Forbidden City,” to follow.

That will wrap up this first POPX graphic novel, “Hawke Of Terra.” I have two further “volumes” outlined (tentatively titled “Agent Of Empyr” and “The Triplanetary War”), as well as a few shorter side stories, that I’d love to do someday. But whether we ever get to see those projected sequels depends on how well-received Volume One is.

We appreciate every reader who has mentioned POPX to their friends, or wrote about  it on their own blogs, on appropriate message boards, and on Facebook and Twitter. We have a fairly steady and loyal readership, but of course, we’d love to reach more people, too. We’ll be trying some things over the next few months to attempt to drum up some new readers, but we’d be grateful if you guys kept helping us spread the word. Every little bit helps!

And stay tuned – the adventure (and perils!) are just beginning!

– Chris